Sheppey Bowmen
Sheppey Bowmen have been created to advance and promote the traditional use of the bow. At the moment we practice shooting at the marks, which was a traditional way of practicing artillery shooting. we are not reenactors, though we have been known to don costume when helping at fairs and things
Our traditions
  • By instinct

    At Sheppey bowmen we believe in shooting the bow as traditionally as we can. Therefore we do not use sights stabilizers, or mechanical aids. We shoot by instict 

  • Bows

    As our club is about promotion and advancement of traditional archery, we keep to traditional styles of bow, the English longbow, the horsebow and flat bows are the mainstay of our club

  • Arrows

    Like our bows we like to keep arrows looking traditional. We also try where possible to make our own. This can work out cheaper as well as giving the archer a sense of acheivement

Welcome to the Sheppey bowmen website

Sheppey bowmen are a new club, formed on the isle of Sheppey. We shoot fortnightly at Flynn's bee farm, and for details of when we are there please contact us. We Shoot a range of bows, including Longbows, horse bows, and flat bows. Bows must be of a traditional style, unless you are new to the sport, and can get hold of a training bow. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and whether our club is right for you. If you are interested in coming to our club, to shoot or see if we are right for you, please contact us to find out dates and times we are shooting next. Due to the nature of our venue we can not have people just turn up unexpected

On the 25th of October 2015, members of the club, took part in the Agincourt 600 shoot at the HAC in London


On the 12th of October 2014, some of our members attended a shoot at the HAC in London. After the shoot we visited the poppy display at the tower of London